Most frequent questions and answers

On your arrival in the UK you will need to register at your local GP. If you do not know where to find them, ask your school, consult your local library or check on the site www.nhs.uk. If you need to see a specialist after seeing your GP, check on the Private Insurance Plan sector on this website.

If the trip or visit is part of your school program, it will be reimbursed. However you should inform Cardlane and send all university relevant documents for analysis and authorisation.

All allowances leave Cardlane’s bank account on the first working day of the month. If the first day of the month is on a weekend or bank holiday, there might be a slight delay on the arrival of the payment into your account.

The UK Borders Agency recommends all students to start the process six weeks before the visa expiring date.

Cigna covers routine and emergency medical expenses worldwide with the exception of the USA. If you need to be seen by a doctor, please email us copies of all prescriptions, receipts and reports given to you abroad. Cardlane will start a claim process on your behalf and Cigna will reimburse you of the expenses incurred.

No. Cigna is a medical plan only. If you want protection for flight delays, lost luggage, theft you will have to organise your travel insurance with another company.

You must consult Cardlane about this matter. Cardlane will advise you regarding the most appropriate options in your case, considering the career you intend to pursue and the university’s location.

During Foundation Year, under your school advice, you will apply, via UCAS to up to six universities of your choice. The acceptance in higher ranking universities in the area you want will depend on your academic results as well as your IELTS testing. Cardlane always recommend the students to check the annual ranking, to visit the universities on “open days” and to consult us as well, as we follow all rankings and will be able to provide updated information regarding the university you intend to apply to.

Cardlane does not encourage or recommend course changes. We advise you to make a conscious decision before accepting your scholarship and entering the university.

Any course change must be authorised by your funding body Sonangol EP. P&P etc. and you will send Cardlane a signed document expressing the reasons why you want to change. This request will be submitted to the funding body and you will have to wait for the decision.

Regarding your student visa, any change of course will be informed to UK Borders and you may have to request a new visa.

Please send a copy of your certificate and transcript to Cardlane (you can scan and email them to us). Cardlane will organise the professional translation and certification and will return these documents to you.